The vision of our church is to be

“Guided by God, working an answers to questions and problems we all face.”

One of the problem we face every day in the news and in our city, is that millions of people do not have access to the food they need. This problem is not new, and our church has been actively working on this problem for years, but we are seeking to increase our efforts to create
awareness about hunger issues, foster compassion for those in need, and learn about and participate in ongoing efforts to provide the food that all people need.

So the Session set a goal to inspire people to raise their levels of engagement with hunger issues, and make a small difference in fighting hunger. To that end, each person at Fairview was challenged to do three things over this winter:

  1. LEARN about hunger needs and ongoing work to help
    (watch a documentary, read an article, hear a speaker)
  2. GIVE food or money to efforts to end hunger
  3. DO something to work to end hunger (volunteer at a
    pantry, write an advocacy letter, fold letters for a local
    hunger agency)

We recognized our collective efforts by posting placards in our Sanctuary with the name of each person who participated. There were three images to represent LEARN (a book), GIVE (loaf of bread), and DO (a hand).

72 people in 218 activities WERE REPORTED!

Fairview promised to make the following donations to The Heifer Project on behalf of all who participated. These donations are to provide ongoing benefit to people in need:

For every person who does one activity of each type(learn, give, do) a flock of chicks will be donated.

23 FLOCKS @ $20/each WERE DONATED!!

For every person who does two activities of each type a flock of chicks, and a hive of bees will be donated.

11 BEE HIVES @ $30/each WERE DONATED!!

For every person who does three activities of each type a flock of chicks, a hive of bees, and a biogas stove will be donated



Kids Against Hunger - Two packing events, one in Dec., one in Jan.
Screened the "A Place at the Table” video

- six walkers raised over $250 each (Lauren, Charlotte, Aaron, Shawn, Kaye, Stephanie) who with 16 other walkers raised: $4,822 for Church World Service - three new records for Fairview!

Members also participated in:

  • The Fairview parking lot water stop during the CROP Walk.
  • Food Pantries - over 300 pounds of food plus cash were donated
  • SNAP challenge
  • SNAP discussion
  • SNAP volunteer training
  • school projects
  • prayers for the hungry
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Volunteering at Westminster Neighborhood Ministries
  • Wheeler Mission Drumstick Dash
  • Wheeler Mission volunteering
  • Bread for the World letter writing


Each fall Fairview members join other Indianapolis congregations  in a walk to raise awareness and funds for international and local feeding  programs.  Fairview has participated in 29 years of CROP walks in Indianapolis. This year's walk is coming up on October 16th!  For more information visit our team web page


Fairview belongs to a coalition of Indianapolis faith leaders and laity from a variety of Christian denominations, as well as Jewish, Muslim, and Sikh congregations, who have united with the goal of ending child hunger in Indianapolis and across the world.  Fairview members volunteer at a local food pantry on the 4th Sunday of even-numbered months. For more information contact David Miner through the church office (317) 251-2245.


Fairview is a covenant church with Bread for the World.  For 15 years we have urged our senators and representatives to enact legislation to end hunger.  For more information contact David Miner through the church office (317) 251-2245.

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