The Big Read - Six Weeks Through All Four Gospels

The Big Read Graphic

During the season of Lent (February 14 - March 31) you are invited to join others in reading through all four gospels in just six weeks.  Each day's reading will be just a couple pages from the gospels, and by March 31 you will have read all of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.

Lent marks a time of repentance and preparation before the joy of Easter Sunday. It is traditionally a time of turning our attention to God by leaving behind distractions to our faith and embracing new practices and disciplines that make us more aware of God and God's will.  

We'll be giving out the reading plans at church starting next week. The plan can also be downloaded here, and there will be daily posts here for each day's reading.  You can also join The Big Read Facebook group!

More details will be coming over the next two weeks before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.  Stay tuned!