We Welcome Everyone

Everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or age is welcome here.  All who seek to learn about God’s astounding love as revealed and modeled by Christ Jesus, and who wish to sing God’s praises, will be embraced as brothers and sisters in faith.

Fairview is a church that works to meet the material and spiritual needs of our community. One important focus of meeting those needs is Addressing Anxiety and Promoting Mental Wellness. We believe that anxiety, fear, stress, and mental illness are challenges that we all have to deal with, and that God wants us to be well and at peace in body, mind and spirit.

Each one of us faces problems and questions in our lives:

  • How can I be a great parent to my kids?

  • When did my life become so busy and how can I slow down?

  • Does prayer really work?

  • What can we do about the violence in our city?

  • Who can help me in my loneliness?

  • What is God's purpose for my life?

We don't claim to have all the answers, but Fairview is a safe place to come with your questions so that we can work on the answers together.

We Have a Modern Approach to Christian Faith

At Fairview, we encourage discussion and dialogue about our faith and our world.  Is the Bible true? Would a loving God really send someone to Hell? Why do some Christians think evolution is contrary to scripture? When is violence (if ever) justified?

These are just some of the questions we wrestle with. Our Presbyterian traditions give us guidance in answering these questions, but we don't all answer them the same way, and that's OK.

We Are Part of Our Neighborhood

Each fourth Sunday we take a special collection of food and money for Boulevard Place, a food pantry in our neighborhood.  We have many people in our congregation who volunteer weekly at James Riley Elementary (IPS School #43), six blocks south of us, as tutors, classroom helpers, or Cub Scout leaders.  We partner with the other churches near us to show our Christian unity and help the community in ways that aren't possible for any of us individually.